Celebrities Tattoos: Rihanna

What you think? Why different tattoos became so popular? Whole this is owing to celebrities style bidding. Everything they do people need to do too. Generally it`s being related to tattoos. In this context I will tell you about Rihanna`s most popular tattoos which she done.

Celebrities Tattoos: Rihanna

Celebrities Tattoos: Rihanna

First of all we may say that Rihanna is fond of tattoos. She tattoo 21 different tattoos on her sexy body. This celebrities first tattoo is the music notes on her foots. She tattoo music notes for underlining her musician souls nature.

Rihanna: tattoo music notes on foot

Maybe the best tattoo of Rihanna is the group of little stars on her neck. This awesome, breathtaking design is used by many celebrities, but as Rihanna says she used this popular tattoo design as a symbol of her whole achievements. A group of stars is a design she used for underlining her sexuality and creative thinking ability.

rihanna: tattoo little stars on neck

Rihanna tattoo stars in grey color which is mean that every achievement she reached in a hard way. So, it`s not difficult to guess how popular is this tattoo for Rihanna.

Rihanna: egyptian eagle tattoo

And now I want to present you Rihanna`s sexiest tattoo ever. Egyptian eagle tattoo – which is have deep meaning that symbolize Rihanna`s inner nature. As we know eagle is a symbol of courage and strife. So, Rihanna used this type tattoo for underlining the fact that she is a brave person which not evade from strife and she is not a person which will be afraid from hard competition.

rihanna: tattoo on finger

These counted tattoos are Rihanna`s best tattoos ever. Subscribe us, and get informed about other celebrities tattoos.

rihanna: cross tattoo

rihanna: tattoo on neck

rihanna: tattoo quotes

rihanna: tattoo gun on rib

rihanna: tribal tattoo on hand

Rihanna: skull tattoo

Rihanna: tattoo behind ear

rihanna: love tattoo

rihanna: tribal tattoo

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