Unique Star Tattoo Ideas

star tattoo for men

star tattoo for men

It`s time present to you star tattoo ideas that`s of course belongs to the list of the most widespread tattoos. They`re suitable both for man and woman, because of it`s universality. Also by it`s universality explained meanings of star tattoos variety.


star tattoo on hand

Headline says everything: shooting star – which mean success, coming true wishes, good luck. You can paint tattooing this kind of star tattoos in arms, legs, foot and neck. You can tattooing solo shooting star or a group of shooting stars. It`s looked great when we tattooing stars in black color. But not with just only black color – when we paint black color shooting star we paint also shadow of the shooting star with it`s falling fragments.

glorious star tattoo

Cute Shooting Star Tattoos on Foot


Nautical Star Tattoos

This type of unique star tattoos mostly used by men-concrete by sailors. Nautical star is one of the best unique tattoo ideas of 2020. In nowadays life everyone need some symbol or thing that gives hope for better life. Nautical star is one of them. Tattoos name talks itself – sailors, as we know, used stars amd a North Star especially for navigation at night time, so it`s used by them mostly and means a hope for new life. Also nautical stars used by gay and lesbian communities for differentiate their sexual direction.

nautical star tattoo

Nautical Star Tattoos on Arm


As a conclusion I decided represent to you some of show-business stars with 2020 unique star tattoos. Among famous show-business stars star tattoos make actor Bruce Willis, George Clooney, Megan Fox, singers Rihanna, Pink, Avril Lavigne, Victoria Beckham, Boy George, Bill Kaulitz (Tokio Hotel) tennis player Anna Kournikova etc.

selebrities with star tattoo

So, you can go and make a unique star tattoo and be like these famous show-business stars.

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