Amazing Raven Tattoo Design

Raven tattoo design is one of the best and popular tattoos which express your passion and great desire of flying. Raven tattoo design is suitable both for men and women. Raven tattoo design is symbolizes both good and evil things.

raven tattoo on back

raven tattoo on back

About evil things first and the main feature that we can associate with raven tattoo  is the meaning of death. Being a symbol of negative and bad things raven is known as death bring creature. In ancient times everywhere when raven was seen everyone knows that death is somewhere around. Despite raven tattoos negative symbolism it has also positive symbol. 

raven tattoo designs

Raven tattoos have the positive meaning of great intelligence and wisdom. In ancient cultures raven is associated with light that was brought to the world. Also raven is associated with speaking ability. There are many positive meaning in raven which makes this tattoo design one of the popular tattoos that used both by men and women.

amazing raven tattoo

crazy raven tattoo

grey ink raven tattoo

Raven tattoo design has the meanings of safety, sorcery, mystery, decease, eyesight, warfare and wisdom. Raven is not colored tattoo design, so raven tattoo design is usually colored in grey color both by men and women.

large raven tattoo

raven back tattoo

You can tattoo raven tattoo design on neck, shoulders and chest. In design raven have many opportunities. As we know raven is a bird tattoo design, so you can tattooing raven tattoos while flying or when raven stands on trees twig. There is also a real opportunity of raven tattoos group design. Use this unique and popular tattoo trend for showing and underlining your good or bad characteristic features.

raven tattoo on neck

Raven Bird Tattoos on Chest

raven tattoo design

raven tattoo design

raven tattoo for men

raven tattoo for women

raven tattoo idea

raven tattoo on chest

raven tattoo on foot

raven tattoo on hand

raven tattoo on rib

raven tattoo on rib

raven tattoo on shoulder

raven tattoo on sleeve

raven tattoo with celtic cross

raven tattoos group

small raven tattoo

tribal raven tattoo design

tribal raven tattoo

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