Crown tattoo – lider, royality, power – these words explain the main features and meanings of this tattoo trend. It`s clear up that crown tattoo is a symbol that have enough deep and meanwhile simple meaning.

Kings Crown Tattoo

Kings Crown Tattoo

Everyone know that crown is a symbol of leadership, royality. That`s presentsa fact of having absolute power among surrounding peoples. This is a symple and easy understanding fact. The deepest meaning is that not everyone can tattooing this type of crown tattoo. And here is the answer for WHAT? Crown tattoo is one of the best tattoos that suitable with those who have main characters of being leader, king, enjoying respect among his surrounding.

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Being mainly masculine symbol type crown tattoo also suitable for girls who are queens of our life. Crown tattoo have same meaning for girls too. Besides concrete meanings there are many possible variants for tattooing crown tattoo. You can add different things to a crown for rising it`s luxury. You can add stones, crosses for underline the fact of it`s masculine tattoo type. Women usually add to a crown hearts, flowers, also they used pink ink for tattooing crowns. For men it is very often used a name tattooed on crown. Men generally used black color for tattooing, when women used colorful types of crown tattoo.

Crown shoulder Tattoo

What about zodiac sign, its clear up that crown tattoo with it`s royality and leadership charactersis associated with Leo` the king among animals. We differentiate in terms of size two types of crown tattoos. Small crown tattoo didn`t include stones or something like this but they look cool on the ankle or at the back of the neck. Big crown tattoos may include names, stones for arising royality and popularity of crown tattoos.

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Crown Tattoo Behind Ear

Crown Tattoo For Women

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Neck Tattoo Designs For Girls

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