Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

Butterfly Tattoo: only the name already says everything about femininity and sexuality. This is one of the best and new tattoo ideas for woman. Extraordinary and sexy, fashion and popular, suitable with different colors-these are the main character for butterfly tattoo ideas. Woman who are appraise freedom very often use such a new tattoo ideas of butterfly tattoo.

butterfly tattoos

butterfly tattoos

This popular tattoo trend associated with rebirth and freedom. Butterfly tattoos suitable practically with any part of woman`s sexy body, but it`s looks cool on shoulders, hip, tiny butterflies on foot and behind the ear, and large colorful tattoos from pelvis to back which enjoys the popularity of being new butterfly tattoo idea.


3D Butterfly Tattoo

  1. Sexuality and popularity: being a typical feminine gender tattoo butterfly will underline your sexuality and by this way you`ll differ from all other girls.                                       
  2. Deeper meaning of freedom: besides butterfly tattoos everyday user it have popularity among woman prisoners who make this tattoo trend for underlining most desirable thing freedom.                                       
  3. Third reason is the multiformity of butterfly tattoo trend. You can make a big butterfly tattoo, also group of tiny butterflies on any part of your body.                                                                                       
  4. Colorful multiformity: besides popular colorful type, you can also make black & white butterflies combined with flowers, stars etc.                 
  5. Fifth reason is that butterfly tattoos have not any limits of body part tattooing.                                                                                   
  6. One of the necessities to be in step with life is being a modern person. Butterfly tattoos wholly satisfy claims of nowadays life.                       
  7. If you haven`t did your first tattoo yet butterfly tattoo is the thing you need. This tattoo surely will underline your feminity for me the very first irreplaceable stroke for every woman.                                         
  8. Butterfly is the symbol of rebirth. So, if in your life something is changed in a good and new way, butterfly tattoo is what you need for symbolizing life changing.                                                                            
  9. Butterfly is the basis for showing feminity. Be sure you`ll look cool with your new butterfly tattoo.                                                            
  10. Butterfly tattoo is the mixture of beauty and usefulness. After understanding usefulness of enumerated variants it will be not bad to combine all these things with beautiful butterfly tattoo.                       

Don`t miss the chance to be popular and desired wiyh your new butterfly tattoo. Among celebrities butterfly tattoo have Drew Barrymore, Usher, Mariah Carey, Vanessa Hudgens, Harry Styles, Paris Hilton. You see yourself how much progress they have. Be sure, butterfly tattoo is a part of it.


Drew Barrymore

Harry Styles

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Paris Hilton

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butterfly tattoos for women

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