Attention Grabbing Lion Tattoo Ideas

Lion is the symbol of absolute power and it`s a one of the best alternatives in tattoo art for representing dominance among all other creatures. Lion tattoo trend is animal tattoo trend and one of the popular tattoo designs in the world.

lion tattoo designs

lion tattoo designs

As it is a zodiac sign tattoo design it`s belongs both to men and women. It`s a zodiac tattoo for those who were born between August and September. What we can say about design? Lion have Bash which undoubtedly added charm and meanwhile underlined lion`s hegemony.  It is the most vital element in Lion`s tattoo trend in my opinion. Mane is the symbol of charm, elegance and meanwhile aggression and power.

leo zodiac tattoo

For men the most acceptable Lion tattoo design is black colored tattoo design and body parts where men usually tattooing this popular animal tattoo trend is pelvis, shoulders and back.

amazing lion tattoo

black lion tattoo

Men mostly tattooing large Lion tattoos on back in black color. Men added some elements to Lions tattoo such as crown and writing something in their taste below.

ink lion tattoo

King Lion Tattoo

lion tattoo behind ear

What about women – they usually used cartoon Lion tattoo ideas of small sizes on shoulders, back, pelvis, fingers, and chest. Women use colorful Lion tattoo designs. Mostly used color types are red and yellow or the combination of these two colors. Men only use these colors when they tattooing popular Lion tattoo trend`s mane.

lion tattoo design

lion tattoo for men

So, everything said about Lion tattoo ideas and now you can go and choose one of the popular Lion tattoo designs in your taste.

lion tattoo on finger

lion tattoo for women

lion tattoo ideas

lion tattoo on Chest

lion tattoo on shoulder

unique lion tattoo

Tribal lion tattoo

lion tattoo

lion tattoo with wings

lion tattoo with crown

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