Maori Tattoo Ideas

Maori Tattoos – short introduction:

maori tribal tattoo

maori tribal tattoo

Maori tattoos are among the most distinctive and popular tattoos in the world and have their own identity. It`s one of the best tattoo ideas of 2020. Tattooing is a sacred art for The Maori people of New Zealand. Maori tattoo art is very beautiful` consisting of curved shapes and spirals in intricate patterns. The most prevalent place for a Maori tattoo was the face. The Maori tribal tattoo consists of bold spiral designs covering the face, legs and buttocks of the men. Women were generally tattooed on the lips and chin, but sometimes on the neck and the back. Maori tribal tattoos used both by men and women. Maori tribal tattoos includes in modern tattoo ideas of 2020.

Traditional Maori tattoos:

Traditional Maori tattoo

Maori tattoo art is differs from traditional tattooing in that sense that the Maori tribal tattoo was carved the skin with a chisel. Traditional Maori tattoos are known in their language as ta moko:

  • Ta  moko: translates as to strike or to tap` refers to the process of tattooing in the tribal maori traditions.
  • Moko: the tribal tattoo design itself – the finished product.

ta moko on face

Tattooing has a sacred significance – the Maori tribal tattoo design and the tattooing process. Tribal tattoos done with bone chisels. By the end of 19`s tattoo needles began to set in` step by step removing knives and bones.

Maori Tattoos & Meaning:


Maori tattooing usually starts at youthful. It was used to celebrate important events during life. In New Zealand people without tattoos considered to be without status of life. Instead of needles, the Maori people used knives, chisels and the ink was applied by means of incisions. Popular tattoo art by making incisions with chisel was a painful process, but traditional tribal tattoos were more than decorative – showing strenght, courage and vigour. The Maori tribal tattooing lost much of his significance after the coming of European settlers. But since 1990`s the Maori Tattoo art come back and became popular tattoo again.

maori tattoo on back

Despite the fact that it`s never ok for a non-maori to wear a Maori tribal tattoo, many of celebrities cover their body with Maori tribal tattoos: the list show some of them.

Robbie Williams – with a Maori sleeve tattoo,

robbie williams

Ben Harper – singer, has Maori tribal tattoos all over the body,

Ben Harper

Mike Tyson – ex-boxer with Maori tribal tattoo on his head,

mike tyson face tattoo

mike tyson face tattoo

Dwayne Johnson ”The Rock”   – with Maori tribal tattoos on his left hand and ribs.

Dwayne Johnson

Rihanna – R&B singer.

rihanna tattoo

rihanna tattoo on hand

 As epilogue – if you ever want a tattoo designs in the Maori style, find a tattoo artist with Maori tribal tattoos experience. He can design a tattoo for you without tribal Maori symbolic ties. Maori tattoos were classified as popular tattoos from ancient times till now and it is one of the best tattoo ideas of 2020.

maori tattoo on back

maori hand tattoo

maori tattoo on sleeve and chest

tribal maori on hand

tribal tattoo on foot

tribal turtle tattoo

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