Owl Tattoo Ideas

Owl Tattoo

Owl Tattoo

Owl tattoo – typical design for underlining attention, wisdom, night vision, huntig abilities. As we know owl is a night bird and it`s have best vision at night than in the day. For me owl is one of the cool tattoo designs. It`s have maybe the largest choise in size, color and body part where you can tattooing owl tattoo. Owl tattoo ideas symbolize attention, passion and wisdom.

3D Owl Tattoo

Owl tattoo is generally colorful tattoo design, but you can also use just black color. What about size – we have large choise from back to finger. It`s look very cool on finger-you show to everyone whole beauty and prestige of owl tattoo. In back you can tattoo owl with wide opened eyes which symbolize vision-not just simple vision. Owl tattoo design with wide opened eyes is sign that the tattoo owner know much about humans character and he is very attentive in chosing friend or second part of life.


Wisdom is the very special unit for owl tattoo. It is a symbol of your intelect not only in your job and everyday life, but also owl with wide opened eyes is a symbol of life knowing whole.


Colorful type owl tattoo is very often used by girls and it`s suitable with body parts such as back, finger, neck, pelvis. What about man – they use practically just one color – black.


Owl tattoo with it`s meaning is suitable both for man and woman. They have common functions such as protection, vision, knowledge, freedom.

owl tattoo on back

If you have main characteristics of owl tattoo go and underline them by tattooing this cool tattoo idea.

tribal owl tattoo

tribal owl tattoo

beautyful owl tattoo

black ink owl tattoo

cool owl tattoo

owl tattoo on chest

owl tattoo on leg

owl tattoo on shoulder

owl tattoo on wrist

owl tattoo

Owl Tattoos on rib

small owl tattoo for women

small owl tattoo

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