Sun Tattoo Ideas

Sun Tattoo designs for women

Sun Tattoo designs for women

The sun has always been awe-inspiring. There are many reasons why a 2020 sun tattoo might be personally meaningful. The sun has had a religious and symbolic significance in many ancient cultures. Honoring the sun as a giver of life it may explain some of the popularity of sun tattoos. Being beautiful and powerful tattoo idea, the sun tattoos belongs to one of the most popular tattoos of 2020. The sun tattoos is one of the tattoo styles that always be at the head of tattoo trends list.

Ink sun tattoo

Tattoo meanings are highly personal, but 2020 specific sun tattoos generally stand for:

  • Strength
  • Growth
  • Fertility
  • Vitality
  • Endurance
  • Passion
  • Rebirth
  • Transformation.

2020 Tribal Sun Tattoos:

tribal sun tattoo

Tribal sun tattoos viewed as a way to protect and to show that tribal sun tattoo were enlightened. Tribal sun tattoos also used to show leadership and as a mark of power.  Tribal sun tattoos can range from small, simple tribal patterns to huge circles filled with an incredible amount of detail.

sun tattoo on arm

 2020 sun tattoos are also used as symbols of creation and the destructive power of war. Tribal sun tattoos that feature a clear, human face inside them were used as a form of protection from the darkness in life. Tribal sun tattoos usually combine the swirls and clear lines of tribal art with the recognizable mark of the sun. This tattoo trend can be used both by women and men.

2020 Sun and Moon Tattoos:

sun and moon tattoo

Sun and moon tattoos are another variation on the sun theme. While adding a moon and some stars can make the tattoo more feminine, it can also bring a new meaning to the tattoo. Just as men and women join, the sun and moon can also pair together. Sun and moon tattoos symbolize a spiritual union of a man and a woman.

moon & sun tattoo

Celebrities With Sun Tattoos:

Anastacia – she has a tribal sun combined with an ankh tattoo on her lower back.


Orlando Bloom – actor with a sun tattoo on his abdomen.

Orlando Bloom

Henry Rollins – rock star with a sun tattoo combined with the words “Search and Destroy” on his back.

Henry Rollins

Corey Taylor – Slipknot singer, has a large sun moon tattoo on his back.

Corey Taylor

Godsmack is a heavy metal band that used this tribal sun on the cover of their first album in 1998. This type of sun became very popular as a tattoo design.

Use the 2020 sun tattoo trend and be sure that you are a modern man with high quality taste of tattoos.

amazing sun tattoo

aztec sun tattoo

sun tattoo on back

Slavonic sun tattoo

sun tattoo on hand

sun tattoo on hand

sun tattoo on neck

sun tattoo on shulder

tribal sun tattoo on back

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