The Best Anchor Tattoo Ideas

Anchor tattoos are of the best type of unique tattoos which have the meaning of stability, safety and hope. Besides that anchor is what puts down roots into the sea to hold a ship in place – that means stability. It have different meanings also.

Anchor Tattoo Meaning and Designs

Anchor Tattoo Meaning and Designs

Anchor tattoos used by seaman mostly, but from generation to generation this tattoo design widespread all over the world. When you say the word ”anchor” you mentally feel harmony and peace. Anchor is a unique tattoo idea suitable both for man and woman. Seaman use anchor tattoo ideas for symbolizing strenght and close tie with sea. Continue reading

2015 Best Finger Tattoos

tattoo lettering on finger

tattoo lettering on finger

Tattoo ideas on finger – is the latest trend of 2015 body art, not without humor  and appeal. Small tattoo fascinate as tattoos of big size: that`s actual for girls. Among celebrities this tattoo trend use Beyonce, Rihanna, Miley Syrus and etc. Even the smallest tattoo on finger may say much things about nature of that tattoo trend user. Continue reading

2015 Arrow Tattoo Trend

Short Introduction and 2015 Arrow Tattoo Trend Meaning:

Arrow Tattoo on Man's Arm

Arrow Tattoo on Man’s Arm

Arrow is the male symbol basically, so arrow tattoo is attached with male works such as hunting,war. Because of that in 2015 arrow tattoo trend is very popular among people who have relation to war or those who need to get quality typical for this symbol. Arrow tattoo design can make any master of tattoo, it`s not difficult. For this tattoo black ink is used on the whole. This tattoo design is tattooed basically on shoulder, arm and on the other parts of naked body. Being the symbol of brave and war peoples of different cultures gave arrows to their children as wish that they will grow consonant to that symbols. Continue reading