Taurus Tattoo Ideas

taurus zodiac sign tattoo

taurus zodiac sign tattoo

As one of twelve Zodiac signs, Taurus becomes popular tattoo design idea just like any other Zodiac signs. A person who was born under Taurus, exhibits personality of cautious, practical and persistent.

Taurus tattoos could be rendered for both men and women.

taurus tattoo

Taurus, the image of the bull, can be expressed as a feminine sign or masculine style. Taurus tattoo designs could be more diversified. It can be inked as tribal Taurus tattoo, which is a strong statement of your strength. Zodiac signs are a popular choice for those looking to have body art completed on their skin. Yet, one of the most popular of the options in zodiac tattoo ideas  may be more associated with an emotion than an actual sign. Taurus tattoos are extremely popular in what they depict. Marked by the image of a bull, Taurus tattoos are beautiful and stunning and also fun and creative.

taurus symbol tattoo on neck

Meaning of Taurus Tattoo:

Tribal Bull (Taurus) Tattoo

In the realistic and the cartoon depictions of Taurus tattoos, the bull tends to be in some sort of action. They may be running or snorting,glaring or kicking their legs. This is common in that it highlights the aggressive nature of the bull itself when threatened or when attacked. Most individuals who get this zodiac symbol choose the action shot because it is depicting what their sign is about: aggression and passion.

taurus tattoo on arm

Black and White Taurus Tattoo Ideas:

taurus zodiac sign

Black and white Taurus tattoos are a popular option. This type of Taurus tattoo trends. This is especially true when it comes to the zodiac symbol rather than a realistic portrayal. The reason is that it can create a stark contrast on the skin that does not become too busy or bogged down in details. For that reason, if you have a small space or want to really make one aspect of the bull pop, consider a black and white tattoo or simple color design. This can highlight features rather than become so overwhelming to the eye.

taurus Tattoo Design On Legg

Tattoo Ideas: Colorful Taurus

Taurus Tattoos

It is often the more realistic depictions that have a deeper color palette and more space that allows for involved colors and hues. Because of the passion and aggression that is associated with the bull, colors that are used often include reds and blacks, as well as yellow in the eyes as a way to highlight this mystique and unique feature. Colorful Bull tattoo ideas are awesome and very widespread among women. And otherwise men choose black & white Taurus tattoo ideas which complitely shows masculine gender characters` agression, power, passion.

taurus zodiac tattoo on back

black tribal taurus tattoo on back

bulls tattoo

cool taurus tattoo

Taurus Tattoo for men

Taurus Tattoo on chest

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